Nioitori Versatile Type — the all-rounder sheet that blocks mold and eats odors

Item No. : N-A3BGR

Versatile Type

Simply hang up anywhere you have bothersome odors or mold to block the spread of the bacteria that cause this and keep mold and bad scents at bay with this sheet.

The Nioitori Versatile Type is a versatile product that is suited to use in a wide range of contexts, from rooms, to vehicles, to shoe boxes, to closets, the kitchen sink, and more — anywhere you find pesky odors.


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Customer’s Voice


My dog’s urine odor is gone!

Female, 40s, homemaker
My dog urinated on our heater and left an odor. I placed the Nioitori inside and the odor is gone! We were thinking of getting rid of the heater altogether, so this is a great turn of events.

Our pet’s odor is gone.

Female, 40s, homemaker
The scent of pet urine was a bother for us. We placed the product near the rug and pet cage, and the odor is now gone.

The odor in our trashcan went away.

Female, 30s, company employee
I bought the product without high expectations, but I’m actually amazed at the results. Our trashcan had a nasty odor that hit you every time you opened it, but now it’s gone. I plan to continue using this one, for sure!

In just two days, the moldy odor is gone!

Female, 40s, company employee
Our closets had high moisture, but from the second day, the mildewy odor went away immediately. The Niotori sheet is a bit paler and has absorbed moisture on one edge, so you can tell it’s working!

This product keeps black mold at bay!

Female, 30s, homemaker
Our restroom is tiny and black mold tends to crop up in the hard-to-reach areas. I hung up the Nioitori and the mold has gone away.

The air tended to be stuffy, but now it’s fresh!

Female, 50s, company employee
I used it in a piano classroom. The room is always used with the door closed, so even cleaning it daily led to the air becoming stuffy. Within one week of using it, the odors have been completely eliminated.

The tobacco odor is gone!

Female, 20s, company employee
I moved to a new apartment and found that the former tenant was a smoker. The room was full of the smell, and it gave me headaches. I hung up the Nioitori, and the air seemed to stabilize almost instantly. Now the oppressive odor is gone. I was so amazed by its performance that I rushed out to buy a second box!


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Using our products

  • Hang up the product wherever mold or odors bother you. (Note: cannot be used in a refrigerator)
  • The active ingredient is heavier than air, so hang the product up in as high a location as possible, allowing the agent to sink downward.
  • If mold has already propagated, first clean the area before use.
  • After opening, the scent may seem a bit strong, but it will fade after a few days.
  • Once the sheet color becomes pale, it is time to replace it. (Ongoing effectiveness of product may vary by usage conditions.)

Product use related warnings

  • This product is not intended to be eaten. Do not feed this product to children or pets under any circumstances.
  • If you feel sick while using the product, suspend use immediately.
  • The active ingredient begins vaporizing once the product is opened and cannot be stored after that point; use the product until it expires.
  • Note that the product may take some time to work if used in a very dirty location or one in which there are many substances causing odors.
  • The product should not be left for prolonged periods of time in contact with a single surface or item. The product may change the color or structure of surfaces with which it is in contact. (In particular, cloth, resin, and painted surfaces.)
  • Do not install the product in high temperature locations, such as adjacent to an air conditioner exhaust opening.
  • Store the product out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight.
  • In the event that there is a defect in the product, you are entitled to an exchange only. Note that the warranty does not apply if we have no active stock of the product.
  • We waive all liability for accidents, damage, or other problems arising from failure to follow the warnings and instructions on the product package and in the product manual, or from improper installation and use.
  • Note that specifications may be subject to change following improvements to the quality of the product.


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